Yaghoot Pharma co at a glance

The chart is based on the activities of Yaghoot Pharma Holding and related subsidiaries.
production growth

Production growth rate according to managerial parameters

Active branches

Areas under the national distribution of Yaghoot Salamat in Iran

Subsidiary companies

The growth of a number of subsidiaries in all areas of the industry

Authorized Laboratory

Performing the requested tests from all over the country in this department

subsidiary companies

Innovation and development of high-quality products

The research and development department of “Sepid Teb Azmoon”  Laboratory works to improve the quality of products and develops Yaghoot Pharma Holding, believing in innovation and development of high-quality products.

The mentioned department tries to meet patients’ needs to access high-quality medications with new medicinal formulations regarding available production facilities, international standards, and the knowledge of specialists and experts.

Research and Development department

R&D Dept

Focus on improving the processes of providing high-quality services to customers

The Quality Assurance ( QA ) department is [located] in the authorized laboratory and Research Center of Sepid Teb Azmoon to ensure that customers are provided with the best possible products or services. QA focuses on improving the process of delivering high-quality services to customers.

The quality assurance system of the authorized laboratory and Research Center of Sepid Teb Azmoon has been established utilizing quality management through the establishment of quality management according to the standard 17025, GLP, and ISO 9001 requirements and a set of 4 M factors which are Man (Manpower), Machine (Machinery), Material ( Materials) and Method (methods).

(QA) Quality Assurance

Documentation, updates, and revisions

The regulatory unit is responsible for the registration of health-oriented products by reviewing the laws and regulations of the country and getting acquainted with the regulatory, executive, production, and import processes.

Gathering information and documents, and updating and reviewing them under the constitution law is one of the duties of the regulatory unit.


Our most important goal is people and the medical community's needs

Yaghoot Pharma Holding is planned based on the best global qualities, technical knowledge, and experience of human resources to upgrade and develop the pharmaceutical industry and optimize the domestic production of drugs and supplements.

one of our most important goals is to improve the health level in community and provide high-quality and variant products according to people and the medical community’s needs. In addition, another approach of the holding is to increase the ability to compete with world brands by utilizing creativity combined with innovation, the best modern pharmaceutical technologies in the world, and the latest formulation methods.


Attracting world-class and first-rate manufacturers and brands

At Yaghoot Pharma’s Commercial Department, a group of marketers with expertise in the field of market studies, business processes, and foreign languages is always investigating the needs of the market, identifying credible sources, attracting world-class manufacturers and brands, in line with improving the quality of products [consumed by society], and we always strive to play an important role in meeting the health-oriented needs, mental health and skin and hair beauty of our [dear] people.

Commercial Department

No compatriot (one) should worry about getting medicine

Yaghoot Salamat Drug Distribution Group has started to create a wide network of official drug distribution agencies throughout the country to help all regions of the country. we hope that we have been able to bring welfare and comfort to the community.


Numerous representatives from international factories in the world

Our group, consisting of several companies active in different areas such as companies active in the field of importing emergency and registered drugs, raw materials and medical equipment, food supplements, and cosmetics has taken effective steps, and with 20 representatives from international factories in various fields of pharmacy, it plays a unique role in this arena.


Yaghoot Pharma Pharmaceutical Holding

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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      How can I buy holding products?

      Holding products can be purchased from pharmacies across the country.

      Where can I get the intake products?

      All products have a description brochure which is available in the product box and you can also get all the information you need from this website in products section.

      Are the raw materials used in your products from high-quality materials?

      Yes, the raw materials are from international creditable brands such as

      Naturex france
      DSM france
      Lonza group Ag switzerland
      Flamma group Italy
      Roche Holding switzerland

      that brings the highest quality and efficiency to the consumer.

      Can I buy products from online shops?

      Holding products fall into three categories: pharmaceuticals, herbal supplements and dietary supplements

      Only natural and dietary supplements can be sold online without a prescription, and you can get these two from Purentina online pharmacy as well as other online pharmacies across the country.