Kidi Zinco Max

kidi Zinco max®

Product Name:This kidi Zinco max® 10 mg chewable tablet (zinc gluconate) is available as 3 blisters of 10 tablets, 30 pcs Package plus a leaflet in a box.
Each capsule contains:
67 mg zinc gluconate equivalent to 10 mg of zinc.
This element has different mineral salts, which affect its absorption. This product is available to you on a bonded basis with a variety of amino acids, which is the natural form of zinc with highest absorption level and the least side effects.

help to treatment and Prevention of colds.
Help to Increases body defense against infection.
Help to Promotes natural growth and development of the body.
Help to health of skin, hair, nails.

Dosage and Administration:

Generally, dosage and administration should be defined by physician but the usual dose is as below:
6-12 years old: one chewable tablet daily, Preferably with meal to prevent digestive complications.