Full Red Vit

This tablet contain elements such as Iron( to maintain and form hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that helps blood carry oxygen through the body and improve the strength against infection and stress.
Zinc (beneficial for genital health and immune system and also for rebuilding body tissues). Copper (beneficial for iron absorption, metabolism, blood cell production, collagen formation which is required to repair bonds and connective tissues with amino acids.
Acerola, a natural resource of vitamin C, to support immune system and fight against infections, rebuilding skin tissues, prevent clot formation and also reduce risk of cancer and heart disease.
Vitamin C supports performance of iron, zinc, copper and maintain better absorption of these three elements.
® Each tablet contains:
> Iron (complex Proteinate) 18 mg
> Zinc (complex Arginate) 5 mg
> Copper (complex amino acid) 8 mg
> Folic acid 400 mg
> Vitamin C (Acerola extract) 20 mg

Full red vit is available in 3 blisters containing 10 capsules in each, plus a leaflet in a box.


Helps to accelerate recovery in convalescence period after sickness.
Helps to maintain immune system and improve the body's defenses against infections
Help to adjust more than 100 enzymes performance in body.

Dosage and Administration:

1 tablet daily, before breakfast on an empty stomach.