Pinacap® capsule

contains: Curcuma langa extract (From Turneric) 300 mg Bromelain 150 mg Pinacap product As 4 blisters each containing 15 capsules, 60-pack with a leaflet inside the box. The applicable part of turmeric is the rhizome. Turmeric major active constituents are curcuminoids such as Curcumin, an yellow pigment used as a food coloring. Curcumin seems to have anti-inflammatory effect and also exhibits chemopreventive growth inhibitory activity against several tumor cell and may inhibit angiogenesis. Bromelain is recommended to enhance curcumin absorption. Bromelain is a general name for proteolytic enzymes obtained from the stem and fruit to Pineapple. With anti-inflammatory activity.

help to relieve and Knee pain and
Help to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Dosage and Administration:

totally 2 capsule in devided dosee daily, preferably with meal.