The difference between Rigendiet Retard and other hair and nail strengthening supplements is the presence of a combination called Biotinx, which includes methionine, cysteine and biotin, which makes it superior to other similar products.

Methionine and cystine help to strengthen hair keratin structure, hair strength and flexibility, and also improve selenium absorption. Biotin balances body and scalp fat and helps to solve some hair problems.

The three mentioned compounds contain the strongest vitamins and minerals needed to strengthen hair, skin and nails.

Regen Diet tablets produced by ESI in Italy have a combination of B group vitamins and vitamin E, which works wonders for skin and hair. In addition to these vitamins, mineral salts such as zinc, copper and selenium are also included in the composition of this product. There are pills that are unique in hair and nail growth as well as skin rejuvenation.

Features of Regen Diet Essie tablets:
Strengthening the growth and nutrition of skin, hair and nails with vitamins and mineral supplements (methionine, cystine, biotin).
Ensuring the health of the skin, scalp, hair and nails with maximum formula accuracy.
Gradual release of nutrients and vitamins in the body (slow release).
Preventing hair loss, increasing the thickness and speed of hair growth.
Helping to treat frizz and improve hair conditionability.
Prevention of premature aging and skin rejuvenation.
Improving the growth and repair of body tissues.
Strengthening nails and increasing their growth.
Reduce inflammation of the scalp.
No side effects.
Medicinal ingredients: methionine, L-cysteine, vitamin B5, vitamin E, zinc, vitamin B6, copper, folic acid, selenium, biotin.